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Learning how to juggle school, work, and my social life.

My What and Why

"If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one"

For my "Do Something" project, I wanted to come up with ways to decrease the amount of stress and worry I have been feeling during college. It has been difficult trying to deal with my school work, working two jobs, trying to find time to hangout with my friends and family, but also trying to find time to take care of myself.

I decided to talk about this topic for my project because I know lots of college students also struggle with the same issues I have. So maybe by giving them ideas on how I managed to better my life, then maybe they will be able to also do what I did to make their college life better and happier.

My Ignite Talk

For my Ignite talk I talked about how hard it has been trying to juggle everything, such as school, work, and my social life. I then came up with different ideas on how to make my life better like getting a planner to jot down reminders and what I have coming up. I asked my job to have two days each week off so I have time to relax and catch up on things. I also made time to go to the gym which helped relieve some stress and on top of that it made me feel so much better. My presentation had 20 slides and i corresponded the pictures with what I was talking about.

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